American abstract artist Leah Pantéa

 JANUS:  In my Janus collection, I am pulling forward an elaborate, colorful and detailed abstracted landscape. As a work becomes fully realized, I begin to apply a veil of white, masking most of the work that lies beneath, pushing it back into the void for which it came. In this, my work discusses the mysterious, and how we place our faith. The veil is not intended to be deceptive or create space between the unknown and us; instead it is a tool to begin a conversation. What does it take to trust stories over our immediate perceptions? Why does the story matter at all?

Leah Pantéa was born in Littleton, Colorado and was raised into a family of technical minds.  Despite these initial influences, Leah gravitated towards the arts.  She went on to earn her B.A. in Fine Arts from Central Washington University, where she studied under the accomplished painter Maya Chachava.  Although initially drawn to figurative art, Leah evolved to find her passion in expressive abstract paintings. 

Leah is currently creating + living in San Diego, California. 


*All works and photography is copyrighted by Leah Pantéa and is punishable by law.