Janus | Start to Finish by Leah Pantea

Whew Whew this video was a long time coming! I am so happy to share what gets put into each piece in my Janus collection. This video was filmed over about a month and a half pushed into a tight seven minutes. 

Feast your Eyes my friends!

Song Cred: Girl and the Sea | The Presets

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Want to see this piece before I painted on the veil? See it here!

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Grace in Growlers by Leah Pantea

I was really honored to be asked to fly out to Kailua, HI to paint a mural in the beautiful Grace In Growlers tasting room. They encouraged me to paint as a chose and really let loose and be myself in their space. I am really pleased with the result! I  pulled inspiration from both my oil paintings and sketches, and the result came together feeling fluid, peaceful and strong. 


Patreon: Six Months, A Love Story by Leah Pantea

I have been supported through my amazing patrons on Patreon for six months. Half a year, can you believe it!?

I wanted to take a moment in reflection and thank my patrons who have been with me so far, write a little on what your support has done for me, my hopes for the future, and also introduce Patreon for some of you that haven't joined me over there yet. :)

Patreon is a subscription platform where you, as a patron, can choose to give a monthly pledge to a creative in return for more access, videos, playlists, bookclubs and exclusive content. I believe that the wiggle room in our wallets shouldn't determine the way that I share with you, and if you are willing to be a patron, then I am happy + excited to share everything with you, no matter how much you choose to pledge. (learn more about Patreon from Patreon here)

That being said- I haven't seen a lot of accounts set up in this way, and I was really nervous to launch my platform with this inclusive approach! So so thankfully though, I have seen generosity and support for me and my mission through folks genuinely pledging what is in their budget to pledge. I am so humbled and honored by everyone so far who has chosen to join me. 

thank you thank you for letting me into your lives!

After six months with my Patreon community, I have shared videos, images, playlists, book posts, podcasts, general thoughts and desktop images. Through my patrons contributions, I have been able to produce more quality imagery for my patrons, but also my entire community (this month I even bought a new (used, but still) camera, so no more borrowing cameras from friends to document my work!) I have been able to put the money towards supplies and submitting to new shows. All of the money I receive through Patreon goes straight back into my work, and it is SUCH A GIFT to be able to put that money to good use. 

 Sharing with my patrons part of the planning that goes into a painting

Sharing with my patrons part of the planning that goes into a painting

Through getting to know my patron's through Patreon, I am able to give more of myself right back to them. I have been honored to have Skype meetings, chat about artwork (mine + yours), or give them content they ask for! And I'm happy to, because we are building a community together. I believe that the arts community should be open and inclusive and I am so happy to practice what I preach within my community. 

looking to the future

I am just getting started in my dreams for Patreon! Looking out to these next six months, I am eager to share more live content, other inspiring artist, more painting processes and more experimenting!! I would also love to communicate more frequently with my patrons, and beginning knitting our lives together. I CAN'T WAIT!

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